Where's the Money?

If you look at any of the critical problems we face today- growing unemployment, businesses leaving NH, increasing costs of energy, and education, failing infrastructures, rising health care costs and elder care costs,  nursing shortages, fatalities due to the fentanyl/heroin addiction epidemic, downshifting costs to the local municipalities, the growing chasm between the rich and the poor, and the observed dis-empowerment and corporate control of our democratic process; the underlying systemic causes all point to MONEY!- there's never enough to do what we need, and yet it is abundant in the hands of the ultra-wealthy. It's time to bring monetary reform to how the state manages our tax-payer funded wealth. It is time to take control over our participation in the private, debt based system that makes a few people very rich and powerful while impoverishing the rest. 

There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.      -  President John Adams

The government ended up in debt for money it could have generated itself, indeed should have generated itself under the Constitution.

- Ellen Brown, author "Web of Debt"

A Public Bank will support economic freedom and liberty. A public bank owned by the State of NH, is not government interference with the free market but rather, a great support by providing "money", that allows the free market to function. 

Where's the Money?

"The right to coin money and issue money is a function of government.... - William Jennings Bryan.

Where does money come from?

Who creates it?

Who decides how it gets used?

Why haven't we "got any money"?

Because we are put in the position of not being able to do what we want simply because of a lack of printed paper called "money".